After 5 years of training at the school of Boulle, she began her career in drawing as a Jewellery Designer, then changed her path and took the path of street art, which allowed her to live her passion for drawing to the fullest and express herself freely.

Passionate about portraiture, she develops different colourful universes around faces and material effects. Each glance is worked with a lot of emotions and finesse, it is according to her “the most captivating element of her creations because everything is in the expression”.

Having tried various drawing and painting techniques in the past, it is with oil pastel that she finds her style and uses it on all supports in the street in the form of a performance.

EMYart’s style is part of a colourful universe mixing characters and material effects. She pushes the technique of pastel to effects of transparency and superimposition which brings depth and richness to her work.