Ernesto Novo
Coming from a large family of Vietnamese origin, a cultural mix in his home and his friendships, will forge the personality of the man who never ceases to define himself as a figurative urban painter.
He joined the School of Decorative Arts in Nice and then the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 1990.
After a period of digital press drawing, he never lost his mastery of other means such as brushes, sprays and chalk, which he uses in the street and in his studio. Pop-Art and African Art in the choice of his colourful subjects, Hip-Hop, Soul, and Jazz to boost him during his performances and multiple trips to enrich his vision of the World:
– StreetArt Alley gallery, Art Bref, r, B’Zz gallery,
The Ministry of Culture and Communication, Museum of the History of Immigration, the National Archives, Drouot and Christie’s auction room, Tazama festival CongoBrazza, Spray against Cancer Belgium, Street Art magazine, Arten- sion, Royal Talens, Desperados, Posca, Soul Jazz Festival, Lancel, Sephora, Giorgio Armani, Galerie Lithium, Play me i’m yours, La Liga, La mairie de Paris, Hôtel Pullman Daka…