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Mister Copy

Mister Copy is a 28 year old street artist born and raised in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa. His Swedish/British descent opened him up to travelling around the world. He now lives in the city of Paris, France, where he practices his art on a daily basis.

Mister Copy is a proud member and co-founder of the internationally acclaimed NVS crew. His main focus and passion is portrait realism mixed with a traditional graffiti finish. Bringing highly detailed and vibrant murals for personal and corporate walls.

His new found identity ties strongly with inspiration from angels mixed with the more modern, urban abstract ties of graffiti. His Artworks are cut through the middle with vibrant colours and lines splitting the two energies up, between his dream-like and free minded angelic portraits and the messy urban vandalism of his boyhood graffiti acts. Combining these two art forms makes for a very interesting and epic artwork, balancing the clean and messy with sharp edges.