auto portrait
Super Bourdi
Lénaïc Bourdelaud alias Super Bourdi lives and works in La Rochelle
Coming from applied arts and visual communication, he starts his career in graphic design illustration in 2011. He collaborates with various publisher ; Rustica, Milan, Playback…
In parallel to his professionnal activity as an illustrator & graphic artist he develops his personal style
It is in 2017, after his first solo exhibition that his universe takes an artistic turn. It is at this time, after the birth of his son, that his leading character “Bobby” is created”
His cartoon and humorous universe then takes all its meaning and is declined in different exhibition concepts (finger, frame games, Bobby with feathers)
The artist illustrates with simplicity funny and absurd scenes, sometimes with meaning, sometimes without…
In September 2019, he takes the street as his medium of choice, these collages of giant fingers interacting with Bobby have not gone unnoticed on the walls since then the artist has been involved in exhibitions, events and artistic collaborations