Born in 1972, as a child, nothing could resist me, from Elvis’ record covers to Tintin’s and other Super Giant Picksou, I copied everything.

Then comes the time of tagging, the time of Tore and the time of the graphic arts school where I improve myself. In 1988, late at night, my signature began to invade the 13th arrondissement, one of the capital’s major urban art centres, where I took my classes at the Frigos, 91 quai de la gare.

In 1992, I paint my first visuals on recycled materials and continue this occasional work on canvases. I learn that ephemeral work on the street is often ungrateful.

Tired of multiple court appearances, but convinced that this art form is not a good thing. Minor will become major one day, I decided around 1995 to live of my art officially and propose frescoes, illustrations, logos to show business, associations and the press.

Currently I still practice an authentic graffiti, without the help of technology and executed mainly with spray paint.
I intervened inside and outside of La Tour Paris 13 and multiplies exhibitions in galleries and frescoes on the themes of graffiti lettering and physiognomy.