Trik09 is a Visual Graffiti artist based in Sheffield, UK.

Speciaizing in exterior / interior murals and graphics his recognisable and vibrant style is heavily influenced within the roots of hip-hop and popular culture.

He started in 2007 just after secondary school and slowly developed his style over a time period of 5 years before he started to make a name for his self within his local circles.

He Is known mostly for his bold contrast of colour and effects within his work. Trik09’s letters are focused on simple yet exaggerated and stylised structure. His character style inspired from a blend of different elements from manga and anime, Disney, Pin-up and classic ‘Oldschool’ B-Boy graffiti characters.

Trik09 has pushed his work out in places like: , Orlando, Lisbon, London, New York, Manchester, Doncaster, Rotherham, Leeds, Blackpool, Liverpool, Glasgow & Sheffield.