About us

This is the about us page. Except it is not about us.
It is about you, creators and art lovers.

Street art has been around for a long time, while never really lasting. We make it easy to capture and collect these artistic manifestations in a timeproof and censorship resistant manner.

We are the web3 palette of urban art, focused on bringing revolutionary tech to evolutionary artists.

Tech is what we use, accessibility is what we build.

The Mobile App

To facilitate visibility, access and support, we have built a smart mobile app that recognizes your artwork simply by taking a picture of it.

No need for QR codes anymore to connect your artwork to your fans, the offline to the online, the street to web3.

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Mobile phones
Multiple artworks

The Marketplace

Here you can start collecting the digital representations of real-world public artworks from visionary artists.

The community

We are building a street art community of passionate collectors and talented creators. You can find below some of our awesome partners.

Meeting of Styles Rendar Decentraland Urban NFT Gallery Nouvelle Aquitaine

The Team

We are artists creating better tools and canvases for your artworks. Blockchain is to us, what the street is to you. A gallery and a world of opportunities.

We are always looking for driven and talented people to join our team ; If you are passionate about bringing web3 to urban art, you are probably a match, so reach out to us or just say hello.

Florent Thurin

Florent Thurin

Anthony Graignic

Anthony Graignic

Simon Fremaux

Simon Fremaux