From 21-07-2021

Paris, France



It is time to inject some fun and culture back in our life. In order to make this glorious purpose happen, we can think of nothing better than a giant NFT treasure hunt in France's capital Paris!
For PARIS DECRYPT THE STRE ET(H), 13 artists have created an original artwork in a specific location around the city.
In order the find all of the artworks you first need to solve a series of enigmas that will give you their locations - you'll need to download our app to get started.
Once you know where they all are, you then need to find a special word hidden in each of the 13 artworks for a chance to win 13 rare digital artwork and 2 Ethereum. Simply enter all the hidden words on our website to enter the competition.
PARIS DECRYPT THE STRE ET(H) is a participative and original event that aims to bring more people in the cryptospace through in a fun and interactive way while also promoting urban art and talented artists into the equation.
This event is free and open to all, and made possible thanks to Ethereum France and its awesome yearly event EthCC.
This event has been conceived with love and is powered by Wallkanda, the web3 toolbox for urban artists and Background Paris, the Graffiti event agency.


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