Brussels Decrypt the Street

From 20-06-2022

Brussels, Belgium



What better way to onboard new people into web3 than through a fun and arty experience.

For the first blockchain week of Brussels ever, Wallkanda is partnering with the organizers, Pop Art Cat and 5 awesome street artists to provide you an exquisite introduction to the world of NFT: a giant Street Art NFT treasure hunt around Brussels!

For BRUSSELS DECRYPT THE STREET, you will need to find 10 artworks from 5 talented artists. 5 existing street art pieces + 5 original artworks that have been created in a specific location around the city.

In order the find all the artworks you first need to solve a series of enigmas that will give you their locations - you'll need to take a picture of each artwork and summit your answer on this typeform:


  • 1st place: 0.5 ETH + 5 NFT
  • 2nd spot: 4 NFT
  • 3rd spot: 3 NFT

For everyone finding more than 8 artworks you are eligible to win 1 NFT. The winners and NFT will be picked randomly at the end of the week.

BRUSSELS DECRYPT THE STREET is a participative and original event that aims to bring more people in the NFT space through in a fun and interactive way while also promoting urban art and talented artists.

This event is free and open to all.

It has been conceived with love by Wallkanda and made possible thanks to Brussels Blockchain Week and the Pop Art Cat community

Special thanks to @biscuit for making it possible.



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